Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association Conference

  • Our WJMG Table Pre-Conference

    Our WJMG Table Pre-Conference

    This was our table the night before the WTLA conference began. We put the puzzle out there with a little note inviting participation.
  • Day 1 of the Conference by Noon

    Day 1 of the Conference by Noon

    By noon the first day of the conference many people had already stopped by to help put a piece or two in. We met some fantastic people.
  • 5:00pm on the first day of the conference

    5:00pm on the first day of the conference

    By 5:00pm on the first day the "easier" pieces had been put in, we were thinking maybe we chose too simple of a puzzle. (hahahaha - not!)
  • Close of the 2nd day of the conference

    Close of the 2nd day of the conference

    By the end of the 2nd day we had the hardest parts left, the rocks and the pink and red roses. They all looked the same! Friday was only going to be a half day and a lot of the conference attendees would be leaving early, maybe we wouldn't get it done ....
  • Woo Hoo! We Did It!

    Woo Hoo! We Did It!

    This was the "final piece crew" fellow exhibitors and a few attendees rallied around the puzzle, vowing to finish it before noon! It was completed by 10:15 am. Our Quality Control Puzzle Mistress, Janci Baxter, made sure the pieces were in the correct places. A few times the pieces looked like they fit, but after closer inspection, nope! Thank you to all that helped make this happen.

WJMG just spent several days up in Cody, Wyoming, at the Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association (WTLA) Conference. We were fortunate to have met some new friends as well as reacquainting with some great friends, colleagues, and associates. We work closely with many of the attorneys and paralegals as their expert for metals and weld failures on everything from welding fumes exposure to exploded well heads.

This year, we brought a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle with us to help pass the time during the long periods when the attorneys and paralegals were in classes. We posted a little sign inviting all who passed by to help us finish the puzzle by the end of the conference - we did it! The puzzle was completed by 10:00am on Friday morning. To all who put a piece in, thank you! Especially Janci Baxter, she was our QC puzzle master. We hope you enjoyed the visit. Next year in Jackson, we'll make a custom puzzle with some crazy broken piece of welded metal - and maybe a surprise too!

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