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metals testing

500X 25 KV
SS 40X 30KV
SS 298X 10KV2
1850X 25 KV2
SS 3,820X 30KV2
SS 5,100X 30KV

Amray 1830
Scanning Electron Microscope 

WJMG has a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) available for detailed images of any metallic surfaces. With magnification capabilities up to 650,000X and a large stage allowing for an array of samples. This allow for irregular surfaces from fracture samples to be closely examine.


Keyence VHX-5000
Light Microscope 

WJMG has a Keyence digital microscope for capturing detailed images. Magnification ranging from 20X up to 1,000X and also equipped with automated X Y stage for large and small sample analysis. Having the capability to use 3D image for determining and examining depth of cracks or corrosion on any surface. 

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