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Heat Treatment

WJMG has the capability to heat treat your parts for annealing, normalizing, stress relieving, post weld heat treat, tempering and hydrogen bake-out. After process is complete WJMG can preform metals testing on your parts. Testing can be preformed to check hardness, tensile straight, chemical analysis.

WJMG has six methods of heat treat options ranging in size and temperature. All methods are equipped with 

chart recorders, programmable setting for accurate ramp up hold time and ramp down.

Lindberg Heat Treat Furnace 

Dimensions: (3'x3'x3'), Temperature: (1400°F)

WJMG Heat Treat Furnace

Dimensions: (5'x5'x16'), Temperature: (1600°F)

Skutt Heat Treat Furnace

 Dimensions: (2'x2'x6'), Temperature: (2400°F)

Shop Heat Treat Furnace

Dimensions: (2'x2'x2'), Temperature: (2400°F)

Portable Induction Heating coil

Dimensions: (adjustable sizes), Temperature: (2400°F)

Meta-Lax - Stress Relief / Weld Conditioning

Dimensions of parts can vary, Temperature not required

Give us a call at (303-451-6759) to schedule a time that meets your needs. 

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